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Increased automation and digitization leads to a steady increase in volume of documents being managed in various industries. These business documents may exist in different forms such as paper,e-mails, forms, or office documents.

Therefore, businesses are always on the lookout for efficient, cost-effective, distributed and scalable document capture solutions that can extract important information from various types of incoming documents and feed it to other enterprise applications that drive their business.

The time lost in searching for the right information is an opportunity cost to the organization in terms of a lost business deal or poor customer servicing.

This is reason enough for organizations to invest in an effective document capturing solution to scan and convert information from the documents into a more reliable and easily retrievable form.



Enterprise Document Management (EDM) platform for creating, capturing, managing, delivering and archiving large volumes of documents and contents. It also integrates seamlessly with other enterprise applications.EDM handles Scanned Document Images, Electronic Documents, Emails and Electronic Data Output from other applications with equal efficiency and ease


  • Unified repository for all documents and folders across the organization including electronic files, paper images and physical documents.
  • Comprehensive document Scanning, Indexing and Storage
  • Indexing on custom fields at Folder/Document level
  • Maker-Checker features for dual authorization in user/group operations
  • Comprehensive reports for monitoring
  • Configurable password policies
  • Comprehensive and easy to set Access Rights control with inheritance
  • Specific rights at document level for sharing
  • File processing workflow
  • Full text and strong index based search
  • Annotations on Image and Electronic documents
  • Document Check-in, Check-out & Version Control
  • Extensive audit reports and Audit Trails
  • HTTPS support for security
  • Server Replication for low bandwidth consumption at multi-location installations
  • Server clustering for enterprise-class Scalability
  • Unicode support


This Business Flow is a platform independent, scalable Business Process Management system that enables automation of organizational business processes. Built using open technologies. BPM has seamless integration abilities allowing it to be introduced into almost any existing IT infrastructure. BPM is a complete software solution to design, deploy, manage, optimize and improve business processes. It involves minimal programming effort, and is easily deployable thereby enabling enterprises to streamline their business processes for greater efficiencies. It facilitates the complete digitization and automation of your business processes, encompassing the various phases of design, documentation, execution, monitoring, control and even extension of your business processes, there by providing a platform for continuous improvements.


  • Lower costs of operation.
  • High levels of customer service. Possibilities of outsourcing low value add processes.
  • Easy data recovery & disaster management on critical data/documents.
  • Better & seamless compliance with statutory regulations.
  • Leveraging existing IT infrastructure.
  • Increase in process execution speed, hence productivity, through real-time delivery of information to the right resources.
  • Increase in process visibility, accountability, performance tracking across Departments, Divisions & Enterprises.

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