ITOS Professional Services helps organizations build IT systems that align with your continually changing business requirements to enable clients to compete and succeed in the Net Economy. Our specialization has been built from the very beginning of the Internet age and expanded to serve all areas of IT needs. Through innovative technologies and solid methodology, we simplify the process of achieving your business objectives – reduce costs, improve productivity, retain growth or create new business opportunities. With our highly skilled business and computer professionals, we provide the following services and solution areas.


ITOS s software development methodology covers the entire life cycle of the Information System, from the initial planning to the end of the system s useful life. This methodology is a structured yet flexible approach to Information System delivery. We provide SDLC tools that improve software quality and minimize time-to-value. We streamline business processes by providing solutions that connect applications, eliminating the problems created through human error. We have experience to customize software for many business sectors such as

  • Credit Card Approval
  • Basel II report
  • Ticket management
  • Fraud Management
  • High purchase credit system
  • Database Conversion
  • Sale Incentive


ITOS Infrastructure Services evolved as value-added services and customized implementation of enterprise-class technology partners to our clients. Years of partnership with both clients and technology partners made ITOS become one of strategic delivery partners to many of industry leaders. Teams of well-qualified consultants and implementers are equipped with tools, technology, skills, and knowledge in the field that continue to advance over years of services. ITOS has always maintained our reputation for service excellence towards the goal of becoming number 1 Thailand IT Services company, serving clients with standard quality equivalent if not more to the global services companies. ITOS Infrastructure Services are grouped based on specialization into different practices and infrastructure technology partners.

We have experience to customize software for many business sectors such as

  • Network Communications
  • Systems and Storage
  • Information Security
  • Database Management & Application Infrastructure

Our Services include solution consultation, gap analysis, custom design and implementation, skill transfer, warranty, and maintenance. Outsource and Managed Services are also optional. ITOS Infrastructure Services follow the quality standards and audit process of our partners i.e. Cisco Gold Partner, Sun Executive Partner, Symantec Gold Partner, Oracle Advantage Partner with engineers certified at the level required to support mission-critical systems 24x7 as per customers business needs. Therefore, customers can have peace of mind to entrust the systems availability, guarantee of services quality standard and project delivery methodology and maintenance services. For more information on Maintenance and after-sales services, please contact ITOS CRM, dedicated and committed to serve our customers the best we can. See Contact for contact persons of any services specialization of your interests, or for general sales and marketing enquiry.


We provide professional team o, Selecting the right IT Outsourcer in today market place is not a simple task. Yet, building and maintaining in-house competence and consistency is an even more frustrating venture to undertake. Tapping into strategic IT Outsourcing relationships are industry best practices that safeguard against technical obsolescence and create resourceful partnerships for delivering financial advantages. ITOS Outsourcing Services has been meticulously fine tuned for delivering strength and stability backed by knowledge and superior innovation.

Our vital, cost-effective services provide the finest solutions for the current IT Outsourcing landscape. Our IT Outsourcing services are tailor designed according to the customer needs and plans, either as a complete solution or a partial operation solution. Our Total Outsourcing Service offers an end-to-end service solution that takes responsibility for a wide scope of customer operations and activities including software applications, hardware, and management.

This service can be pinpointed to a single operation or system, as is the case with our network & infrastructure outsourcing service which provides keys to a comprehensive enterprise infrastructure service or critical elements that include: hardware, communications, network design and implementation, data security, system control, management, and consulting services.


ITOS will provide the consulting services to facilitate the client to have a successful customized software development project with transparent methodologies and acceptable deliverables within specific timeframe and budgets. Through our consulting service, ITOS will provide essential information to customer to complete the project as planed and meet customer business objective.

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