Increased automation and digitization leads to a steady increase in volume of documents being managed in various industries. These business documents may exist in different forms such as paper, e-mails, forms, or office documents. Therefore, businesses are always on the lookout for efficient, cost-effective, distributed and scalable document capture solutions that can extract important information from various types of incoming documents and feed it to other enterprise applications that drive their business. The time lost in searching for the right information is an opportunity cost to the organization in terms of a lost business deal or poor customer servicing. This is reason enough for organizations to invest in an effective document capturing solution to scan and convert information from the documents into a more reliable and easily retrievable form.

OmniScan Capture : Application

Enterprise Document Management (EDM) platform for creating, capturing, managing, delivering and archiving large volumes of documents and contents. It also integrates seamlessly with other enterprise applications.EDM handles Scanned Document Images, Electronic Documents, Emails and Electronic Data Output from other applications with equal efficiency and ease

Complex Scanning

OmniScan helps in scanning different types of documents with different scanning properties. For example, an application form may be scanned in color as it may contain a photograph, while other documents may be scanned in black and white. Also, different sections of your documents can be scanned in different DPI and image types to optimize the storage requirements. OmniScan supports different scanning protocols like ISIS, TWAIN , SANE etc.

Image Enhancement

After scanning, OmniScan subjects the documents to a rigorous, fully automated image enhancement process, implementing despeckling, deskewing, unwanted border removal, and many more such functions. We are presently having 35 patents to our credit. Digitized documents are compressed and archived in the document repository and the index information is stored in the database.

Document Quality Analyzer

This ensures quality of digitization output. A large digitization project involves scanning and digitization of millions of documents. At a later stage, if an error is identified in a document, it may challenge the usability of the document. There are various possible errors that can occur in digitization such as, folded corner edges, skew, readability, too dark or too light, photo on black & white image, improper margin, punch mark, black edge, orientation, size of File, compression, format, resolution etc. Automatic document quality analyzer analyzes the image documents on more than 30 parameters and grades them automatically for usability.


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